5 de mar de 2009

Dutcham Projects

YEARBOOK 2009-2010
Dutcham´s Yearbook is a practical guide, written in the English language, consulted by executives in Brazil and in the Netherlands during a year/a year and a half, containing information such as:
· Addresses of associated companies and their profiles.

· Useful and specific information obtained with the help of specialist sources.

· Information regarding international trade-fairs and their organizers.

· Trade statistics and other interesting and relevant data.

· Listings of useful addresses, web-sites and other sources for desk-research.

· Information about Dutcham activities.

· Information about service products as offered by Dutcham.
It is distributed among member companies and relevant parties in Brazil and in the Netherlands.


Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce launches a new book under the title “Kompas”, which deals with specific subjects about Brazil as of interest to Dutch investors.

The technical quality of its contents is guaranteed by the editorial contribution of specialists among the companies within the Chambers´ membership, following a final redaction and translation into the Dutch language under the Chambers´ coordination.

The expenses of production and free distribution in the Netherlands are covered by sponsorships in the form of advertisements.

This initiative and its formula has proved to be extremely successful, as demonstrated by the large interest on the side of Dutch entrepreneurs, as well as measured through the feedback to the sponsors and public entities.

Dutch government and its diplomatic network also helps in distribution, which on the whole takes place through channels such as the Dutch Embassy, Consulates, members of Dutcham in The Netherlands and Brazil, sponsors and advertisers.

Those interested in receiving a copy can contact the Chamber.


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